Monday, November 13, 2017

Are Your Devices Fiber-Ready?

Fiber-Ready Devices

You’ve finally done it- fiber technology has been installed in your home, and you’re ready to have a great experience surfing the web. And yet, you may still be experiencing slow speeds. Before you throw your computer out the window, your devices might not be fiber-ready, which can be an easy fix.

Run a Speed Test
The first thing you should do is run a speed test with a provider that can utilize your connection. Currently, there are few speed test servers capable of testing gigabit speeds. Thankfully, you can use ours by using the link here or search online for others. A key piece of information is to make sure no other devices are downloading or streaming during the test. Remember, if you’re testing using a wi-fi device, your speed is automatically decreased.

Verify Your Network Adapter
If you’re still not seeing gigabit speeds, you should verify that your network adapter is connected at 1 Gbps:
1. Find your network connection in the lower right screen next to the clock and volume control (it may be necessary to click the triangle button to display all icons).
2. Right-click on the network connection and left-click “Open Network and Sharing Center”
3. Click on blue link “Change adapter settings”
4. Locate your Ethernet Connection (hint: it won’t have a red X on it). Right-click on it and left-click on “Status”.
5. In the speed field, you should see “1.0 Gbps”. If “100 Mbps” is displayed, your devices network adapter does not support gigabit.

Check Your Computer
One other thing to consider is that the device you are using is not up-to-date with fiber technology. There could be a problem with your computer’s wi-fi adapter, or you may be using the incorrect USB port. Other programs or users could also be using your network, which can significantly slow down your network.

At Mid Century Fiber, we want to give everyone the opportunity to experience fast internet with uninterrupted connections. Here are some more helpful links on how to check your ethernet speeds on your PC or Mac should you be experiencing slower internet speeds. For more information on our services, you can visit our website, or give us a call at (309)-778-8611 today!

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