Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Smartphones & Homes: Where to Next?

Mid Century Fiber - Smart Homes

Hollywood has been making films for decades predicting what the future will look like in regards to our relationship with technology. Whether it’s having robots as maids, a smart home that wants to become part of the family, or a computer system that takes over the world, there’s usually a negative connotation in regards to the growing power of what technology can do. However, the year 2017 may be the year that it all changes. Home automation, which is the ability to control items around the house with a push of a button or voice command, is in the future - it’s a matter of educating society on how we can benefit from all the technological advances.

Save Time
Currently, there are a plethora of products on the market that, if installed into your home, could make life ten times easier for you and your family. From security systems to controlling your heating and cooling system, we now hold the capability of controlling our home in the palm of our hand - quite literally. Having everything connected in one place, such as your smartphone, can turn your home into a smart house. You can check on your puppy during the workday or even start dinner on your way home with the push of a button. There is now ways for us to have control over technology to help us, saving us time and giving us peace of mind.

Save Money
Time isn’t the only thing you’ll save on when you begin to invest in automating your home. Sure, these appliances cost money, but the investment is well worth it. You can turn off lights or turn down the heat from your phone when you realize you forgot to before you left for work this morning. Or you can invest in sprinkler system that will get the job done while being able to control when it goes on and off from your phone. The possibilities are endless when it comes to automating your home, and how much money it could save you and your family.

Invest in Fiber Technology
At Mid Century Fiber, we’re committed to providing you with fast, strong connections that won’t fail you as you being to automate your home. With so much of these appliances depending on a strong Wifi connection, trusting a company like ours will give you the means to sync up your home with reassurance that everything will work correctly. For more information on how you can get fiber technology into your neighborhood, you can visit our website or give us a call today at (309)-778-8611.