Thursday, December 14, 2017

Keep Your Internet Speed Fast with Hardware Housekeeping

Picture it now: hitting the keys hard on your keyboard as you wait impatiently for your internet to perform like you were promised. But here it is slow as ever, and you’re one step closer to throwing your laptop at the wall. Before you make any irrational decisions, it may not be your broadband connection. Check these hardware hacks to see if there is something else slowing down your computer.

Internet Hardware

Run an Online Speed Test
Before you do anything, run an online speed test to confirm where the problem is coming from. If the speed turns out what it’s supposed to be, that means that something on your computer’s hard drive could be the problem. If something isn’t looking right, call your internet provider and investigate further.

Check for Spyware and Viruses
These pesky problems are the worst, but not impossible to get rid of. Spyware are invisible programs that can take resources away on your computer. They can be removed to free up your resources. You could also have some viruses lurking on your hard drive, which can decrease computer capabilities to the point of your hard drive crashing. Always have your virus protection software on and up-to-date.

Full Disk Space
A common problem with an easy fix. Depending on how long you’ve had your computer, you’ve most likely accumulated a lot of music, files, and pictures on your hard drive. There comes a time when your disk drive becomes full, which can drastically reduce the speed of your computer. We suggest investing in an external hard drive for extra storage, and to delete some files off your computer. This usually shows results quickly!

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