Monday, June 19, 2017

How To Get Fiber Into Your Neighborhood

Road to Fiberhood
Fiber technology is one of the best ways to experience watching your favorite shows and movies, listening to your music, and downloading documents at a pace that keeps up with your busy schedule. It’s the next big up-and-coming resource that is going to take the world by storm. So, how do you get it? How do you implement fiber technology into your neighborhood? 
Mid Century Fiber is here to help. 

  1. Gather Interest
In order to begin our work, Mid Century Fiber takes time to connect with different communities in the area to gather interest. A certain amount of people must express an interest in being a part of a fiberhood before any steps are taken. Our goal is to have at least 35% of your neighborhood expressing interest. 

    2. Sign-Up
Once we hit our interest goal, we then begin the sign-up phase. That same 35% of the neighborhood, and hopefully more, must then officially sign-up to be a part of the fiberhood. The more people we have sign up, the more successful the project will be!

    3. Construction
Once we reach our sign-up goal, we begin the building phase. There is a lot of planning that must go into this, including underground investigation to figure out where the existing underground utilities lie, in order to ensure the productivity and safety of the project. Private property access rights must also be required and utility poles must be examined - all part of our safety regulations to assure the general public’s well-being.
    4. Schedule Install
Once all the construction is completed, we schedule the installation of the fiber technology so that the community will have access to the services. We do this house by house, and can take weeks to months to complete.

    5. Fiberhood
Wahla! You are now part of an official fiberhood! Our goal is to have our projects completed approximately 60 days from the start of the build. It is the beginning of an awesome Internet experience.
If you and your neighbors are interested in becoming a fiberhood, you can fill the interest form out on our website today to help reach the goal. For more information on who we are, and what our services entail, you can visit our website or give us a call today at (309)-778-8611.