Friday, September 22, 2017

"Fall" Back into the School Groove with Fiber Technology


September marks the first full month of being back at school and diving head first into learning. While some kids have no problem making this transition, others struggle with saying goodbye to the carefree days of summertime. Luckily, teachers are now implementing more creative and innovative ways to engage their students with technology. Here are three ways they’re getting them to log in and stay engaged!

More Coursework Online

Today, with so much of our world being digitized, educators are moving farther away from lecturing and more towards finding ways to collaborate with their students in and out of the classroom. Many schools now implement online databases for students to turn in their homework, access readings for class, take online quizzes, and have forum discussions. Not only does this teach them how to efficiently use a computer, but it also teaches them responsibility, online etiquette, and to think critically before they write and publish anything to the internet.

New (And Fun Software)

There are now hundreds of websites and software for students to use that make learning fun and engaging. Teachers are now utilizing them inside the classroom and incorporating these resources as part of their homework and studying. From online note cards to creating state-of-the-art presentations, students now have the capability to learn on a whole new level.

The Use of Technology In Classrooms

We’re not talking about smart boards or projectors- we’re talking cell phones, laptops, and smart tablets. Instead of trying to ban technology from the classrooms, some teachers are embracing the fact that student’s lives are now so immersed in technology. There are now apps that allow students to interact in the classroom with the teacher, and allow for a level of interactivity that has never happened before. Some teachers believe that if they allow for technology to be used in the classroom, students will spend less time on social apps or texting and stay more engaged in the lesson.

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